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Sample Product P24V, Model P24V High Accuracy Low Pressure Differential Transducer

The Model P24V high accuracy, low differential pressure transducer is designed for applications which demand a high degree of accuracy at extremely low differential pressures. A specially designed heater is incorporated to eliminate any errors which may be introduced by ambient temperature variations.

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General Specifications

Pressure Range

0 to 0.10 H2OD through 0 to 350 psi

Proof Pressure

200% rated range

Sensor Type

Variable Reluctance


Compatible with 410 SS, 316, and Iconel


Input Voltage

24 to 32 VDC

Max. Input Current

10 mA

Output Voltage

0 to 5 VDC

Max. Output Noise

15 mv P-P

Load Resistance (Calibrated)

10 megohms

Insulation Resistance

100 megohms min. at 50 VDC

Adjustment Range

Span: ± 2% min.
Zero: ± 2% F.S. min.

Power Required By Heater

50 watts at 110 VAC

Time To Warm Up

2.0 hrs


Isolation Resistance

10 megohms at 50 VDC


Max. Total Error Band

±0.5% F.S.

Max. Regulation

0.02% per volt




Temperature Range

0ºF to 130ºF


100 g s, 11 ms

Humidity, Altitude, Rain, Fungus, Salt Spray, Sand and Dust

Unaffected with pressure ports sealed

  • High Accuracy
  • Long Term Stability
  • Stable Calibration
  • Rugged High
  • Reliability Electronics

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Technical Bulletin #101
(PDF, 93KB)

Technical Bulletin #102
(PDF, 45KB)

Technical Bulletin #103
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