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Tavis sensors are currently monitoring cockpit instrumentation cooling air pressures on fighter jets, measuring bleed air pressures on military aircraft, indicating torque pressures on commercial turboprops, keeping UAVs aloft with fuel system controls, and more. Landing gear braking system pressures and even airliner waste tank level sensors are also part of the Tavis aircraft repertoire.

Existing designs provide capabilities such as:
  • Contamination tolerance and self-draining features to handle ingestion of debris and moisture.
  • Comparing 2 differential pressures to each other in a single instrument – e.g. upstream and downstream flow rates
  • Bi-directional overpressures:
    • Proof pressures as high as 333 times full scale
    • Reverse proof pressures as high as 133 times full scale
  • Connector or pigtail configurations
  • Voltage or current loop output
  • Wet – Wet capability without the need to coat or protect diaphragm (non-contact, metallic diaphragm without any electrical connections)

Sample Product

Pressure Range

Proof Pressure

Line Pressure

Burst Pressure

Sensor Type

Static Error Band

10213 ±1 psid to 0 - 150 psid >200% FSO or 20 psid, whichever is greater 14.7 psia >400% FSO Variable Reluctance ±0.5% FSO Max
10487 ΔP: 0 - 39 psid
ΔΔP: 0 - 4 psid
-60 to +110 psid 0 - 275 psig >825 psig line Dual Variable Reluctance See TEB
10451 0 - 0.6 psid
0 - 3.1 psid
-80 to +200 psid 0 - 48 psig >-160 psid
>250 psid
>384 psig line
Variable Reluctance See TEB
10528 0 - 30’’ H2O
0 - 10’’ H2O
>9 psig N/A >12 psig Variable Reluctance See TEB

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Technical Bulletin #101
(PDF, 93KB)

Technical Bulletin #102
(PDF, 45KB)

Technical Bulletin #103
(PDF, 43KB)

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