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Pressure Transducers for Manned & Unmanned Launch Vehicles

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Whether monitoring feed line, tank ullage or atmospheric ascent pressures, Tavis transducers continue to provide reliable telemetry for the most critical payload launches. Measurements on the violent first stage, as well as upper stage propulsion pressures, are within reach using our rugged Variable Reluctance (VR) sensors. When success is the only acceptable outcome, consider a customized Tavis VR transducer for your launch requirements.

Existing designs provide capabilities such as:
  • Low change in pressure measurements with very high line pressure
  • Severe rocket motor vibration environment
  • High proof and reverse proof pressures
  • Custom frequency response characteristics
  • Extreme cold media interface
  • Wet – Wet capability without the need to coat or protect diaphragm (non-contact, metallic diaphragm without any electrical connections)

Sample Product

Pressure Range

Burst Pressure

Sensor Type


Wetted Materials

Fittings / Ports


10283 0 - 2.5 psid to 0 - 25 psid >350 psig to >2500 psig Variable Reluctance 340 g Nominal 300 series CRES
400 Series CRES

Inconel 600/625
¼ Flared Tube Fittings @ 90º 6 mA Nominal
10345 0 - 30 psid >60 psid Variable Reluctance 640 g Nominal 17-4 PH CRES
300 series CRES

Inconel 600/625
¼ Flared Tube Fittings <5 mA
10533 0 - 29 psid
0 - 67 psid
>>263 psia Variable Reluctance 1175 g Nominal Inconel 600/625 KC105-4 Flared Tube Fittings 17 mA Nominal
10539 40 - 150 psia >>600 psia Variable Reluctance 200 g Nominal Inconel 718 ¼ Flared Tube Ftg 8 mA Nominal

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Technical Bulletin #101
(PDF, 93KB)

Technical Bulletin #102
(PDF, 45KB)

Technical Bulletin #103
(PDF, 43KB)

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