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Sample Product P4/P104, Model P4/P104 Differential or Absolute Pressure Transducer

The Model P4 pressure transducer features adjustable zero and full scale. Utilizing all welded construction and extremely stable electronics, this transducer provides highly accurate pressure measurements in harsh environments. The Model P4 is available in absolute and differential pressure models with input to output isolation.

  • All Tavis transducers can be supplied for corrosive media applications. Materials used for this purpose are 17-4PH SS, 17-7PH SS and Iconel . Specify model P104 for this feature.
  • Closer tolerances and higher temperature operation may be supplied. Consult factory for special requirements.
  • Add 0.5 inches to length for absolute units with ranges less than 5 psia.

General Specifications  · Electrical  · Performance  · Environmental  · Features

General Specifications

Pressure Range

0 to 1 psi through 0 to 350 psi

Proof Pressure

20 psi or 200% F.S. (Higher proof pressures available. Consult factory)

Line Pressure

20 psia or 200% F.S. (Higher line pressures available. Consult factory)

Sensor Type

Variable Reluctance


Liquids or gases compatible with 410 SS, 17-4 PH SS and Iconel


Input Voltage

20 to 40 VDC

Max. Input Current

10 mA

Output Voltage

0 to 5 VDC

Max. Output Impedance

100 ohm

Max. Output Noise

15 mv P-P

Insulation Resistance

100 megohms min. at 100 VDC

Isolation Resistance

100 megohms min. at 100 VDC

Adjustment Range

Span: ± 2.0% F.S. min.
Zero: ± 2.0% F.S. min.


Max. Static Error Band

± 0.5% F.S. (2)


± 0.1% F.S. nom.


± 0.1% F.S. nom.

Max. Temperature Error

± 2.0% F.S. (2)

Frequency Response

Flat ±5% to 250 Hz

Max. Regulation

0.05% F.S. per volt




Temperature Range

Compensated: -65ºF to +165ºF (2)
Operating: -65ºF to +200ºF


20 g s Peak to 2000 Hz


100 g s, 11 ms

Humidity, Altitude, Rain, Fungus, Salt Spray, Sand and Dust


  • High Accuracy
  • Long Term Stability
  • Stable Calibration
  • All Welded Construction

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·  Model P4/P104 Drawing


Technical Bulletin #101
(PDF, 93KB)

Technical Bulletin #102
(PDF, 45KB)

Technical Bulletin #103
(PDF, 43KB)

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